BISHOP HAMMAWA ORDAINS SIX DEACONS- advocates peaceful coexistence among Christians

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BISHOP HAMMAWA ORDAINS SIX DEACONS- advocates peaceful coexistence among Christians


The Catholic bishop of Jalingo, Most Rev Dr Charles Hammawa has ordained six deacons for Jalingo Diocese on 18th July, 2021 at St Paul’s Catholic Church, Bali.

The new deacons are, Revds Bem Cleopas Nomshan, Joshua Joseph, Moses Idris, Emeka Kingsley Dominic, Nathaniel Bali, Fabian Kumaga.

In his homily during the occasion, the Chief Shepherd of the Diocese told the clergy not to do the good works of God and forget the Lord of the good works. According to him the ordained like the apostles are chosen or called and sent. tHEY must always be in contact with the one who has assigned them a mission in order to know more from him, what to do, how to do it and to do it well.

“As individuals or a community we must keep close to our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ if we must live as he instructs us and to fulfill the mandate of spreading the Gospel of salvation and be good Christians. In other words we must make reference to him always; we must commune with him, so that we are fed and nourished by him, taught and guided by him and empowered by him.”

While commenting on the gospel text of the day(Mk 6:30-34) the bishop said, “Jesus is ever attentive and willing to respond to our needs if we look for him as the crowd did.

“Assured of God’s eternal or everlasting love for us, we must also come to God to seek to know, to love in return and to serve him. In this way, he will always respond to us whenever we call on him in prayer. The availability of Jesus must teach us who are called in Sacred Ministry to respond in same way to the needs of the faithful we are asked to minister to.”

He charged the new deacons to make always themselves available to God and the people they are called to serve.

“You are to make yourselves ready and available all the time and to return always to Jesus in prayer and the Sacraments. Be the good shepherds who will never leave the flock unattended, and to do that, stay in touch with the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.”

As a leader who desires peace and in his usual way, the bishop used the occasion to advocate peaceful coexistence among believers.

“Jesus broke down all barriers or walls that kept people apart, and united them by destroying the law that commanded division between the people of Israel and pagans. Jesus reconciled them with God and with each other. He brought peace to those who were far off and peace to those who were near. He does so even now. Today, we Christians are to continue to give that peace to one another and to the world”

“We are divided so much by barriers of nationality, race, tribe, culture, religion and behavior to the point that we hate and are killing each other”

“We are rather called by the waters of our baptism to put an end to this and show the world the love of Christ, a love that breaks down walls, walls that separate us and live in peace instead”

“Let us stop looking at each other as enemies and embrace love which makes us see in every man and woman a brother, a sister and a friend to love and serve”

The bishop reminded the clergy that they have a greater responsibility to teach, instruct, admonish and urge all to a change of heart that loves, practices justice and lives peaceable with all. “And we must lead by example”, he added.

“This is the life and ministry you are about to embrace through this Sacramental ordination as deacons today, and hereafter as priests…any other thing you may acquire or be later must be at the service of these two: love and service.”

“And remember, the love and service you are called to give is to a fragmented world, which by this love and service you are to heal and make whole again”

“So please, once again, do not allow yourself to be distracted by anything or anyone. Keep close to Christ Jesus the Good Shepherd so that you are filled up by him and can imitate him in his total self-giving and service.

The newly ordained deacons have been posted to different parishes where they will serve before their priestly ordination.

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