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The Catholic Bishop of Jalingo Diocese, Most Rev Charles Hammawa has commissioned 25 Catechists at St Robert Bellamine Institute of Catechesis and Religious Education, Jimlari, Lau LGA, Taraba State recently.

In his homily during the Mass, the bishop expressed gratitude to God for His protection over the Church and for providing people who will continue to look after His Church and preach the Gospel in this tough time the country is passing through. He assured the congregation that, God is with us and will continue to be with us.

The chief Shepherd of the Diocese also told the congregation that, Catechists are the foot soldiers of the Church and like priests and the religious they are called to do God’s work. They have been called and commissioned to go out and preach the Gospel. He added that, all who are called to preach the Gospel will be held accountable before God if they fail do so.

Bishop Hammawa reminded the Catechists that their work is not a profession and a means to acquire material things but a call to service.

 “It is God who has called you and you must do everything relying on his grace”

“Your work is important you and you must not take it for granted. You are foot soldiers of the Church and your work is important because it is about teaching the faith.”

The Bishop Called on priests not to reduce the role of Catechists to the collection of levies.  According to him, the Catechists have been formed to teach the faith and prepare the faithful for the reception of the Sacraments.

He admonished the Catechists to teach without fear and always tell the truth as it is.

“You have been called to deliver the people by the word of God; not only by preaching but by the witness you give with your lives.”

Bishop Hammawa while decrying the state of insecurity in the Country and their effects on the Church in Jalingo Diocese, praised the catechists for accepting to answer the call to service despite the challenges faced by the Church.

“Our church, especially in Taraba State in suffering. Anytime there is fighting between one ethnic group and the other, or between one religion and the other, the Church is always at the receiving end. We are counting the losses every day. You’re called to witness in such an environment. It is not going to be easy. Thank you for being brave.”

The catechists were commissioned after undergoing two years training at St Robert Bellamine Instiutute of Catechesis and Religious Education 

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Solomon Zenda
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Great work in the House of God