Geographically, the Diocese of Jalingo and Taraba State are the same area. They are situated in the Northeast region of Nigeria, West Africa. Carved out from the Diocese of Yola in 1995, the Catholic Diocese of Jalingo came four years after the creation of Taraba State in 1991. Its area is approximately 51,000km2. Population is about 2.8 million, Catholics number about 293,000. It is surrounded by the dioceses of Yola, Bauchi, KatsinaAla, and Shendam; and also by the Cameroon Republic. The State Capital and Diocesan Headquarters is Jalingo. There are at least forty (40) ethnic-groups, each with its own language and culture. Among the largest ones are, the Mumuye,Tiv, Jukun, Kuteb, Banso. Mambihla.Jenjo, Karimjo. Chamba.Bandawa and Fulani.

The first Catholic Bishop of Jalingo was Most Rev. Dr. Ignatius AyauKaigama. He was consecrated and installed on the 22nd of April, 1995. In the year 2000, he was transferred to Jos as the Archbishop. Most Rev. Dr. James N. Daman OSA took over from him on 24th February 2001 as the Second Bishop of Jalingo. Pastoral developments in the church of Jos Province led to the creation of Shendam Diocese in 2007. The quest for a competent pastor to take charge of this young diocese brought about the transfer of Bishop James N. Daman OSAto the See of Shendam. Bishop Charles M. Hammawa was appointed and installedas the third Bishop of Jalingo on 4th July, 2008. 

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St Charles Boremeo Catholic Secretariat Mile Six Jalingo, Taraba State

catholic diocese of jalingo bishop
Bishop Charles H. Hammawa. 2008-Date
catholic diocese of jalingo bishop
Bishop James Na'aman Daman, OSA. 2001-2007
catholic diocese of jalingo bishop
Archbishop Ignatius Ayau Kaigama. 1995-2001
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Diocesan Hierachy

Below is the Diocesan pastoral Team.

Most Rev Dr Charles Hammawa
Bishop of Jalingo Diocese
Very Rev Fr George Dogo
Vicar Administration
Very Rev Fr Angello Bonzena
Vicar Pastoral
Rev Fr Augustine E. Tumba
Bishop's Secretary